Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Once Upon a Try...

I'm a struggling artist.

And when I say "struggling," I mean struggling to better myself. I struggle to "get as good as that guy" or to try and advance to the next level in whatever I'm doing. I struggle to keep my edge as an illustrator, so that my craft doesn't get old and boring...or, God forbid, redundant. I'm also broke. So...just in case there was any confusion, yes, I do fulfill that stereotype.

And with the struggle comes new challenges. Like this one. This is a piece in progress. It's another entry for sketchoholic.com. This week's interview is with Humberto Ramos. The theme is "Fairyquest." That's actually the title of Ramos' book, but with the open theme, it leaves a lot of play for interpretation. So this is what I've got. Take a shot at guessing the fairy tale creatures before you read any further.

Down front, we have the tortoise and the hare in their never ending race, of course. Snow White (who will be possessed by evil apple vapors) surrounded by some mecha-dwarves. On the other side, we have a jacked-up Pinocchio and, above him, an evil Japetto pulling the strings. And finally, in the center, is the big bad wolf and his 3-headed pig monster in the background.

I'm really happy with how it's going so far. We'll see if it ends happily ever after...

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