Thursday, April 29, 2010

My, what big progress you have!

Thought it might be neat to post the progress.

I started where I left off (in the last post) at about 8pm It's rolling onto 4am now. But I guess that's how you know what you love.

For the coloring, I didn't know how I wanted to do it. But I knew I wanted to approach it from a more painterly/comic book style since I intended on leaving the brush lines very apparent. I haven't colored anything in that vein in a while. But I think this is turning out nicely. I still have a lot to tweak (and finish altogether), like the tortoise's hand, obviously. Once that pig-creature is complete, and a few more this-n-thats, I think it'll be ready to post, finished.

I have until 10pm tomorrow tonight to finish it all up. Hope you like it so far!

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