Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Leaps and Bounce...

When there's no doubt in your mind that you didn't do your best work on a piece, and you posted it, it just eats at the back of your head. So it was with this one. It's still not my ideal composition, really. But for what I created it for, I think it works just fine. I'm constantly bothered by artists who openly admit, "Oh this isn't the best I can do. But (insert excuse)." If it's not the best you can do, then fix it.

Yet, on the other hand, it's always refreshing to see artists make honest mistakes, or confess to shortcomings. I know that when I admit a mistake out loud, it's both liberating and humbling all at once. Not that I'm some force to be reckoned with. And maybe I'm just (insert excuse). Nevertheless, here's round 2 of "For the Love of Bunny." Yeah, I called it that.

I rehashed the entire turkey character. He just wasn't "jive" enough, I don't think. Plus there was nothing really pushing any sort of mood in the background. That wasn't imperative, but I wanted...something. Throwbacks from MC Hammer and Parliament on iTunes probably assisted in that on some level. So, despite a pressing workload, this is what I concentrated on today. Something about taking a break and doing something for myself - even if it's essentially the same thing I'm doing for others, professionally - is something I need sometimes. It keeps me grounded and reminds me that I do this because I love it. And when I can recapture that desire to create, it makes the jobs extremely more enjoyable. And when the jobs are more enjoyable, the final product is something both sides are happy with.

I decided to leave the below post up, just for the fun of seeing the process. Enjoy!

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whalen said...

Interesting stuff Bro. You have many talents it looks like. I just kinda glanced through a couple pages. Pretty sweet! I dig it.