Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Radical Squadron.

So here's the final piece. I decided to go with a more graphical approach to the background as opposed to an actual environment. There's just something about the grittiness of these characters that lends itself well to backdrop like that, methinks.

I'm debating on doing a series of these...maybe with other characters from my childhood. Dunno yet. Anyway, enjoy!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Razor's Edge.

So, here's Razor...also incomplete. Just some minor tweaks here and there. I almost didn't include the pencils, but then I thought it might be kinda cool to see how far he departed from his original sketch. I was having issues with the perspective on the original drawing - namely the hand with the glove (glovatrix) on it. Not that I couldn't get the perspective right. I just didn't like the way it was positioned, plus it didn't seem very interesting. Same with his other arm and both legs. So, really, the only thing that stayed pretty close to the original sketch was from the chest up. I just think he looks more...put the new pose.

I was afraid he wouldn't turn out as good as T-Bone. But I'm actually equally pleased with him. How's that for a little fan art? Ted Turner let go of a couple of gems when he canceled this show.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aw crud!

Yup. It's a SWAT Kat.

Still some adjustments to make on him. And don't you worry your little whiskers. The other one's on the way...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little too campy, maybe...?

Well, with a handful more of small tweaks to be made on the final piece, as well as the fact that I get as giddy as a school girl when I finally have something new to post on here...I decided to go ahead and post this. The absolute final piece will be on my site. So if you're reading this a week after I've posted, or you've traveled back in time and completely missed your mark (see Flux Capacitor User's Manual), you can check it out on my website.

And since the lady at the barber shop gave me a chopcut that can only be likened (get it? a werewolf?! Trust me, it's a good joke) to a lost member of the New Kids on the Block, I figured I owed myself one. I'm typically a hat wearer, but now my headwear has a purpose. It's kind of like the Phantom of the Opera, but from the forehead up...and I can't play the piano. And if I could, I'd write a song to the lady at the barber shop entitled, "Short on the Sides and Some Length on the Top is Not Necessarily Up for Interpretation. Please Have Your Eyes Open Next Time. Nevermind, I'm Never Coming Back Here Again." Or something along those lines. It'd be a gangster rap, too. And some piano, like I said.

So this illustration was fun. As I posted before, this is going to be used as a prop in a short film I'm involved with. The book doesn't actually exist. So we're mocking one up. And since I hadn't tackled an illustration in a while, I thought I would go all out with the prop. The story isn't really based on anything. I think I just wanted to draw monsters. Not sure what the next illustration will be. I actually really like the way the little boy's bonfire looks in that chalky brush. So I may try something more along those lines. We'll see. At any rate, this post was loaded with fun words like 'LIKEN' and 'NECESSARILY'! Oh, and some art.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here's some pRAWRgress...

Well, it has certainly been a while since I've posted. Seems to be the pattern as of late.

This is a work in progress right now. It's a childrens book cover for a book that doesn't really exist. It's going to be used as a prop in a short film I'm working on with some friends of mine. But I figured while I'm doing it anyway, I may as well make it the best it can be. It's another slight departure from what I'm used to. But that's what makes it a challenge, as well as an interesting piece to my portfolio.

As art usually does, this has sort of taken on a life of its own since the pencils - which were slightly less involved than what I usually draw. But I was planning on the color and rendering style of this piece carrying the art anyway. So here's what I've got so far!