Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Under Construction.

So this piece is coming out rather nice.

This is far from complete (I haven't even finished his shadows), but I would like to add a background and some nice environmental elements. So far he's coming out exactly like I want him to. The goal is to render Deuces (and any other characters I wanna add into the scene) and the background image together as if it were a screen capture from an animated film - down to the aspect ratio of the image.

So he and the other characters will have minimal shadow work (maybe one or two levels at most), a major light source, and some rim lighting from either the gun blasts or something unseen on the ground.

And then the background will be illustrated a lot more detailed. Maybe teetering on a more painterly style. Haven't decided yet. Anyway, here's to progress as well as a potential portfolio piece.


Faboun'e said...

just see your comment on "paperwalker" ... good illustartions..! I'm a French illustrator and I like your style ...
Good work !
B back ..

AdrianneDArt said...

Love it, Brett! He's really coming along.