Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I started this yesterday and finished it up today (drawing and rendering). It's probably the most adorable post I'll ever make. Yeah, this is the girlfriend, Mia, surrounded by songbirds. I can't tell you how many times this actually happens in public. One time while I was trying to eat a creme-cheese filled pretzel, one of the friggin' things kept trying to peck at it. Well since Mia wouldn't stop harmonizing with the bird, it just kept hanging around. So I finally swatted it out of the air. When it hit the ground, it actually exploded into candy - MAGIC candy that made you fly when you ate it. I wouldn't have known that unless this street-sweeping british kid hadn't popped a few pieces in his mouth and shot off into the atmosphere. Shortly after that, a rainbow broke through the clouds and all the trees in the park started waltzing with each other. I couldn't even finish my pretzel.

The mall is even worse.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Brett Brooks... I do miss you terribly. I enjoy your rants.