Thursday, August 14, 2008

Deuces Wilder.

This is an updated look at Deuces. I didn't explain it much in the last post, but he's part of a story I've been hashing out for just a little while now. An assassin raccoon. Gotta love it.

I really like this sketch, but because of a couple of discrepancies in the drawing - that I will not point out to the viewer ;) - as well as how it was affecting the later render, I've decided to do the obsessive compulsive thing and completely start over on the illustration. It's either that or just fix the problems with this one. But where's the merit in that? It's my way or the highway...and since they're both about as long and stressful as the other, it all works out in the end.

But the whole newsboy look is definitely the direction I want to go with him. Each of his guns are gonna have a nice, fancy spade etched into the mags. So the final picture is going to branch from this idea but probably go in a different direction.

Also, I own that hat. I let the raccoon borrow it for the pose.

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