Thursday, May 26, 2011


An unusual anomaly for myself - two posts in a day.

Never the less, the "bug bit me," and I had to crank one more out before bed time. Incidentally, that brings me to this intuitive iota - Mite. He's Dust Bunny's nearly invisible sidekick.

It's always fun to play with scale and proportion on characters. For the most part, he's only a speck on the pages, spending most of his time perched on Bunny's shoulder. So the dynamic of the two characters is pretty fun.

If you Google dust mite, you get some pretty creepy looking images. So it was an interesting and fun journey to try and give this character a visual appeal, while still keeping a loose tether to his references. I almost colored this to clearly illustrate that he's wearing a puffy, orange vest (ala Marty pun intended...this time...), like an accessorized second banana should.

That's it for today. Off to bed, where I'm sure hundreds of these guys are anxiously awaiting me!

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