Thursday, May 20, 2010

Play me a song...

Sometimes, you just have to branch out and do something a little different. From time to time, I like to put the pencil down and explore an avenue I don't often venture down. And here's what happens...

I've been picking at this for about 3 days now, on and off, using a program called Reason. A lot of the instruments in the program don't sound as authentic as the real thing, but the piano is pretty nice. I've thrown together a couple of concoctions here and there in the past, just dorkin' around. So, it's always a trip to see what my spare time develops. I'm not as musically inclined as some of my friends, but I think I know a thing or two. It's not finished. But I like where it's heading. I especially like the way the ending turned out. Click the witty link below!

Jazz is not just an Autobot!


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